Best of 2010

Since 1998 I have made a list of my favorite tracks every year. Normally I did a numbered list, but this year I only picked a couple of tracks and kept them in an unordered list. It’s hard to pick just a few tracks and also to put them in an order which I prefer not to do. A very great record shop, Juno has a great feature on their page. You can pick as many tracks as you like and create a player. I just spoke to one of the Juno staff crew and he told me that there is a new improved player coming up soon. I hope its gonna be some awesome stuff and some customization of the player color would not be bad (the Asparagus green color isn’t really my favorite). Anyway the player contains a couple of tracks. Not all of them and one track is not actually on the list but its very good. Here is my list, happy listening and be welcome to leave a comment.

Tensnake: Coma Cat
A big hit, and the biggest one on this list. Coma Cat was high on many of this years dj lists all around the world. Definitely the sound of 2010. I’m actually not a big fan of this kind of sound but I love this tune. Crazy beat and the string just can’t go wrong. Tensnake also released a couple of good tracks last year but I am gonna give credit to this tune.

Herbert: Leipzig
Great track, and a cool project from Matthew Herbert this year. His Album One One is his debut as a singer. I think he is a great singer and he should have done more of singing on his earlier albums. I was a bit disappointed when I did not find his album in a vinyl format. You can listen to almost all of his music on his personal website. Bookmark it!

Andy Scott: Tell Me Anything
Really cool track. I’m a big fan of this kinda sound. When it´s deep but feels very easy and warm. Awesome producer.

Norm Talley: Cosmic Waves
Detroit producer Norm Talley does everything the right way, always. I have been a fan of the record label “Third Ear” for a long time, before I heard Norm´s music I have not missed a release from the label. The original could not be found on the Juno page, so I included another favorite from 2009 in the feature player called “The Journey.

Tornado Wallace: Paddlin’
This is the cool track this year. If I would have chosen one track and skip the list, I would have chosen this one. Mr. Wallace is deep as f***. Never ending groove.

Dj Nature: Dance (Jazzy Sport)
What a fantastic year for this dude, also know as Nature Boy. His new label named “Golf Channel Records” is exploding with great stuff. Check out his 2010 appearance in Beats in Space, where he talks about his label and of course plays a bunch of great music.

I did 2 top lists last year. Each one was for one month, May and June. Hopefully can make more of them in this year.